Charlotte Elm Ravn

Born 1972


The Atelierista program, Reggio Emilia Institutet in Stockholm, 2013-14

Theatre Research, BA – University of Copenhagen (incl. pedagogics and project management at the University College of Malmö.) BA-project – How to educate puppeteers, 2001-08  

Puppet Theatre – Marionetteatern Stockholm, prof. Michael Meschke. The training covered performing techniques, body and voice training, puppet making and dramaturgy. It was based on participating in the regular work at the theatre incl. performing and touring in Sweden and abroad, 1995-98

General Art, Crafts and Design – Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm, 1993-94 

Art Education – Konstskolan i Stockholm, Stockholm, 1992-93  

Travelling High School Tvind, Ulfborg (Dk). The training covered studies (portugese, South American history and film editing), work, travel around Brazil incl. filming and editing + giving lectures, 1991-92  



Ateljerista: Kulturgarantin, Simrishamn

Ateljerista consultant: Development of rooms for children at the library, The municipality of Simrishamn

Hotel Receptionist: Mårten Pers Källa BO

Creative producer: DIWO – Do It With Others – creative festival at Garageprojektet in Hammenhög

Artist: contributed at ÖSKG’s Festival for art movies at Tjörnedala Konsthall

Artist: Exhibition at KIN kafé, Simrishamn


Artist: working with my own art projects


Cafe worker: KIN, Simrishamn


Creative producer: …när vi lyser för varandra… by Kollaborativet

2014 -15

Ateljerista: Hammenhögs Friskola


Artist: Scenrummet, Tjörnedala Konsthall – performance/installation

Artist: Symmphonny Parallel Action in Dome of Visions, Copenhagen – site specific performance with Kollaborativet

Youth recreation leader/project developer at Bénka- Dí, Simrishamn


Artist: ”Expedition: Freedom” – site specific performance by Kollaborativet at Backafestivalen, Österlen

Supply teacher: in different pre- and primary schools in Simrishamn


Artist: contribution in the performance ”Dark Numbers” by Public Movement (Isr), Malmö.

Artist: ”I am here now” – performance at the Gallery night, Malmö.

Artist: responsible for the centerfold in the magazine På Österlen.

Directors assistent and producer: ”Edward Tulanes fantastiska resa” – theatre production by Thales Teater, Hammenhög. Director Mariana Araoz (Fr).

Shop keeper: Biou Basar – second hand shop, Hammenhög.


Artist: ”Fågelboprojektet” – site specific performance by Kollaborativet, Österlen.

Teacher: Puppet production for children and adults at Kulturum, Hammenhög.

Editor: Kulturum 2005-2010 – a book about Kulturum – a platform for culture, Hammenhög.


Curator: “Elsewhere/Nowhere” – by Malin Lauterbach, photographer, at Kulturum, Hammenhög.


Actor and co-director: “Beowulf” – theatre production by Thales Teater, Hammenhög.


Co-funder and artistic director: Kulturum – a platform for culture in Hammenhög


Curator: “SalongSnusk” –  by Anne Sophie Malmberg, artist, at Kulturum in Hammenhög.

Artist: “Here am I and I and I” – site specific installation, Kivik.


Teacher: Workshop for the Puppetry Department at Turku Arts Academy, Åbo (SF).

Artist: “Hushållsnära konstverk” – installation at Kulturum,Hammenhög.

Artist: “Life death and everything” – site specific installation as a part of  the exhibition “United Networks Agency” by Sofie Sweger at Ystad konstmuseum.


Artist: “Life death and everything” – a puppet performance for adults. Performed at Kulturum in Hammenhög, in Bibu – festival for stage art in Lund and in 7 + 7 solos – international puppet theatre festival in Rovaniemi (SF).


Curator: “Carina Järling & Charlotte Höglund” – paintings and installation at Kulturum, Hammenhög.


On parental leave: Taking care of the house and my second child.


Artist: “1 m.ö.h” – a photo project with pre-school children at Kulturum, Hammenhög.


Actor: Improvisations around work situations – by  AOF (trade union), Copenhagen.


On parental leave: Taking care of the house and my first child.


Stage designer: “Anna och Onierna” – theatre production by  Teater Terrier, Malmö.

1999 -2000

Stage designer assistent: Svensk symbolistisk teater, Malmö.

Teacher: Puppet produktion for children at  Gröndalsskolan, Stockholm.

Co-director and puppeteer: co-production with bossanova-quartet Latin the mood at Backstage, Stockholm City Theatre.


Puppeteer: Marionetteatern in Stockholm, Det lille teater, Das Beckwerk/Gladsaxe teater and Danish Broadcasting corporation in Copenhagen.


2013 Workshop 2 days intro. + 3 days workshop with Butoh with Anita Saij (Dk)

2012  Workshop 5 days about performance and choreography in the public space with Public Movmenet (Isr), Malmö.

2010  Workshop 3 days “Choreografic theatre” with Enrique Pardo, Pantheatre (Fr), Lund.

2009  Workshop 3 days “Method for mask acting” by Mario Gonzales, with Mariana Araoz/Collectif Masque (Fr), Österlen.

2003  Directors assistent to Rolf Heim, in the theatre production “Pinocchio” at FÅR 302, Copenhagen.

2001  Directors assistent and dramaturg to Elisabeth Linton, in the theatre production ”Rumäner” at The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen.

2000  Course in Corporel Mime with Thomas Leabhart (USA), Paris.

1997-98  Regularly training mime and movement improvisation with Seija Hyvönnen-Mammen, Stockholm.

1997  Course  in Corporel Mime with Ika Nord, Stockholm.


2014 – 15

Election committee, Feministiskt Initiativ Österlen

2011 – 2013

Comissioner at the Culture and Leasure Board in Simrishamn, representing Feministic Initiativ.


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