I have started at the Atelierista program at The Reggio Emilia Institute in Stockholm. It is something I have wanted to do for many years and it feels like I am on the right place! To be part of creative and creating processes and to explore the world through aesthetic tools with children feels like paradise! Many of my interesets, things that occupies my mind, is united in the approach  that the pre-schools in Reggio Emilia in Italy have:  pre-schools as an important place to develop democracy, the importance of aesthetics in the research of the world, the collaborative way of working, the importance of listening and the holistic approach. Here I see parallels to the philosophy of Butoh dance, zen-buddhism, my interest for social development and the devising work we do in Kollaborativet. And my thoughts about the relation between adults and children are confirmed. It is also confirmed that school, education or learning CAN be, or actually IS, filled with pleasure. I am really looking forward to work in this way!!

The Reggio Emilia Institute describes the role of the atelierista like this:

The atelierista is devoloping the pedagogic context, materials and the ways of expression at schools and pre-schools. But above all the atelierista stimulates the work in between rationality and fantasy. Aesthetics is an important part of our ways of thinking. It creates doors and connection in and between different subjects, and it deepens the processes of learning.



Culture rebellion


Do you want to contribute to a creative election campaign for Feministic Initiative?

We are inviting you to discuss the economic conditions for culture, ideas for culture policy and how we can put feminism and human rights on the political agenda, the electoral year 2014. We need your help!

Dear friends, Feministic Initiative is going to the general elections 2014 with a strong conviction and the slogan: Throw the racists out and bring the feminists in!

For us, it is natural to talk about culture in this context. In a society that erodes socially, economically and spiritually, the right-wing extremists offers a comfortable bosom, where culture is reduced to one people, one country, one language, one church and one sex. Instead of that, we want to make a diversity of stories visible!

Culture is a natural and necessary part of human life. In the society today, the culture is put aside. In the culture policies, it is all just about redistributions. The culture is considered as icing on a the cake or a tool for increased growth.

Feministic Initiative consider culture as a cornerstone in the society, a power to maintain and develop democracy and our value as human beings. We want to increase the availability of public spaces and places for experiences, meetings and discussions without demands for consumption. In times of dissolution we need space for dialogue, spirituality and the possibility to ask existential  questions. The human being is a cultural being not an economical!

We want to defend the core values of the arts and culture and give cultural workers and artists acceptable conditions to work and develop. Independent creators are a necessary precondition for artistic renewal, the development of democracy and the regrowth and welfare of the society.

We want a culture that doesn’t isolate but include. A culture that makes room, resources and a voice for oppressed and attenuated people. We can see the power of diversity and the danger of isolated reserves. We have to question old ideas of cultural quality. We want to put culture high on the political agenda and through that make way for a radical change in society.

At last: culture has to cost something! We want the government to grant the same target for culture as for international economical support, 1 % of GNP, through cutting down the defence budget with the same amount money – to the defence of culture – to the defence of the human being! Feministic Initiative has made this proposition in a motion to the parliament.

Next year there are general elections and we want to awake sleeping forces and activate the resistance we know exists! Now we are entering the Swedish Parliament with our viewpoint and politics!

WE START SUNDAY 19/11 2014

If you are interested in discussing and developing our culture policies or want to help us to frame a election campaign with creative ingredients, you are welcome to a meeting sunday 19th of January 2014!

The agenda:

1.PRESENTATION: Culture as a key to a democratic, equal and non-discriminating society. Introduction about Feministic Initiatives view upon culture.

2.DISCUSSION: The economical conditions of culture in the society and for cultural workers. Share your political ideas. Discuss ideas and proposals in smaller groups.

3.CREATIVE WORKSHOP: Culture as a tool in the election campaign. How can we, through different cultural expressions, rise feminism and human rights on the political agenda? How can we spread our cultural vision and our culture policy in the best way? Together we create a campaign where our policy become visible through a diversity of cultural expressions. 

Where: Teater De Vill, Pipersgatan 4 in Stockholm. Metro: Rådhuset. The place is available with a wheelchair.

When: 19/1 2014 10.00-17.00

RSVP 4/12 2013 to

Follow us at


With love

Gudrun Schyman, spokesperson

Sissela Nordling Blanco, spokesperson

Camilla Backman, committeeman the committee of culture in the parliamentary gruop

Charlotte Elm Ravn, committeeman the committee of culture in the parliamentary gruop

Amanda Mogensen, communications strategist 

Lotta Granqvist, co-ordinator


Butoh camp 1-4/8


Feet meeting the ground on a beach for hours. We are walking beside time and it all happens in between.

Sand. Water.

There is no me, there is no you. Time does not exist. All that exists are we.

Fear and sorrow.




Presence and beauty.

Dance with the wind and give the horses a performance!


Are you afraid of dying?