Kulturum, 2005-2010

A room for arts and cultural projects in Hammenhög.

Co-funder and artistic director

” … The most significant with Kulturum is the allowing and curious atmosphere in all projects and activities. The association started 2005 with the purpose to open up the old shop at Ystadsvägen for projects and artistic investigations. Kulturum has presented visual arts and installations by international artists and also theatre and music. The ambition has always been high, without being pretentious. And just because of that, the small room has felt very airy, open for a bigger world. It is not the self-righteous, urban, cryptic art, that put it self upon the village, but an art that seeks to establish a meeting point where everybody can meet themselves and each other in an open dialogue. (…)

Kulturum shows in a tangible form how art and culture actually can change a small, sleepy place that has lost its bigger companies. The point with this culture association is that they are not initiating literal concepts for success but works in an perceptive and creative collaboration with the social and historical environment  that is specific for Hammenhög. That kind of neatly basic work are strangely enough almost never awarded by public funding. Maybe it is because of uncertainty about process minded  and non-hierarchical culture. And that one takes it for granted, just because the practitioners use the culture to investigate in a respectful curiousity.”

Peggy Eklöf and Theresa Benér, funders and editors 2006-2010 at the culture magazine Österlen 360° (Translation: Charlotte Elm Ravn).








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