Expedition: Freedom

A performance by Kollaborativet – Ellen Spens, Lisbeth Hagerman, Charlotte Elm Ravn.

Costumes: Kollaborativet and Chiara Pellizzer.

Photo: Jacob Ravn

After one weeks intense creative process, the performance Expedition: Freedom met the audience at the small and beautiful festival Backafestivalen in Baskemölla, at Österlen. It turned out to be a kind of  site-specific dance performance, lasting for about 30 minutes. We were asked to do something for children, but honestly we didn’t think about age while working. According to the questions afterwards we though succeeded in triggering the kids fantasy and making them a bit confused. What are you supposed to be? What are you doing? Why? After the performance it was also clear that this isn’t a completed piece, but a work in progress. We got some interesting response from inspired people and we probably will continue the process collaborating with other artists, at other locations and in other medias. What happens if we are in a forest, in an industrial area, in a sand deposit? What happens if a graphic designer directs us? And what would a musician do with the piece? Maybe it is also a photo project, a film , a …


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