Kollaborativet is a group working with Stage art in the cross-road between theatre, dance and installations. The group is situated in Skåne, in the south of Sweden.

Kollaborativet is a non-hierarchical organized group, which willingly cooperate with other organisations or artists.

Kollaborativet works in a post dramatic tradition, where the theatrical expression is freed from a dramatic linear storytelling and where the text is not the base, but a theatrical brick among others.

Kollaborativet is interested in analyzing the relation to space, objects, other people and oneself.

Kollaborativet is also interested in transformations, gender-, power- and democracy issues.

Kollaborativet willingly makes performances on demand, outdoor- and site specific performances and takes teaching assignments.


The Bird’s nest project, 2011

Lost, 2012

Expedition: Freedom #1, 2013

Expedition: Freedom #2, 2014

The Travel, 2014



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