Performance, 2009-10

Beowulf was a performance made by Thales Theatre, built upon the ancient epos Beowulf that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien to write The lord of the Rings.

Manuscript: Boel Larsson

Actors: Boel Larsson & Charlotte Elm Ravn

Directors: Boel Larsson & Charlotte Elm Ravn

Stage design: Marta Cicionesi

Photo: Mårten Hård

” … With a wonderful sense for style they transform themselves to the pacifistic hero Beowulf, the giant Grendel, knights, beautiful maidens, kings and waariors. In no time they change between the storytellers distance and the sudden involvement in dramatic situations. The audience make sound effects for murmuring winds, roaring oceans and thundering fotsteps.”

Theresa Benér, Österlen 360°


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