Another Place, 2014

Another Place was a creative project for young people as a part of the summer programme at the youth center Bénka-Dí in Simrishamn, made by me, Herman Müntzing and six young people.

The starting-point was a public space outdoors in the city, that was to exchange in an open and investigative process. Me and Herman gave the opportunity to the participators to choose between four different places. They chose a kind of park. In two days the participants investigated the place through different exercises – listening and collecting sounds, blindfolded bodywork, observing and drawing. We also made a trip to Marsvinsholms sculpture park. It all ended up in a sort of book-park, with a a special book hanging from every single tree, free to anyone to sit down under the tree and read. We also invited people to a night event, reading together in the dark with a headlamp and a cup of tea or coffee.




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