Dark Numbers, 2012


To the memory of the bombing against the Jewish parish in Malmö 28/9 2012

To the memory of the Palestinian refugees demonstrations against the state of Israel, that has taken place in Malmö every week since 17/4 2004. 

To the memory of the the first Swedish democrats* entrance in the Swedish parliament after the elections 19/9 2010.

*Xenophobic party

Public Movement are doing their first action in Malmö, and the third action in the European campaign ” Rebranding European Muslims”, with the aim to untangle the net of social identification and over-identification, automatic enemies, imaginary or real needle and dangerous alliances.

Welcome to Stortorget in Malmö  27/10 kl 14:00

By: Public Movement
Leader: Dana Yahalomi
Members: Luciana Kaplun, Hagar Ophir
Local participators: Henrik Andersson, Charlotte Elm Ravn, Nils-Joahn Sjoquist, Lea Vandelbo Petersen.




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