The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, 2012


A family performance about the ability to love. About personal growing by experience the dark sides of life. About the necessity to live life fully to be fully alive.

Edward is a spoiled and bored porcelain rabbit.He lives protected in a nice nursery and is intensely loved by the 10 year old Abilene.   But he himself doesn’t know what love is. He is too egocentric to even think about it. Utntil that day he falls across the board from a ship and finds himself in the mud at the bottom of the ocean. That is the beginning of his life journey. A journey full of new experiences an new feelings as sorrow, hopelessness  and joy. And love.

 The production is a cooperation between Thales Teater ( and Collectif Masque ( and is supported by Statens Kulturråd, Region Skåne, Konstnärsnämnden, Simrishamns kommun och Sparbanken Syds Stiftelse. It is based on Kate di Camillo’s book with the same title.

Script: Boel Marie Larsson och Mariana Araoz

Actor: Boel Marie Larsson

Director: Mariana Araoz

Directors assistent, producer (2012) and poster: Charlotte Elm Ravn/ RART

Stage design: Marta Cicionesi

Masques & puppet: Etienne Champion

Film, photography and sounds: Mårten Hård

Music: Johannes Jansson

Light design: Ilkka Häikö

Costume: Ingalena Hyrkäs

Ship: Carsten Nilsson

Furrier: Jan Persson


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